Joe Arpaio embodies Trump Supporters


It’s as if every bit of good news comes with a healthy dose of bad.

Gorka was forced out, or resigned, from his position at the White House. The singing in the street was quickly silenced by the pardoning of former sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

If you care to read a list of his numerous human rights violation, feel free! It was the list that kept on giving, in the worst of ways. Self-described concentration camps, racial bias and profiling, and forcing inmates to eat spoiled or rotten food. As humans, we can agree on very few things. The fact that this man deserved to spend the rest of his short life in prison was one of them.

When you’re growing up, you tend to see things in black and white. Good and bad. Murder bad; charity good. As we grow up, things tend to grow a bit more hazy, and less white or black. Murder is bad, but what if you murder someone who was about to do something horrible? Charity is good, but what if that charity was only created to line the pockets of someone already rich?

These anchored ideals start to loosen a bit. We start to see things from a perspective that can’t afford to be black and white.

However, we all live under the impression that we can agree on certain things. Torturing children isn’t good. Using kittens as baseballs is a no-no. Things like this.

So when a man like Arpaio is pardoned for some truly heinous acts, it’s not the pardon itself that affects me. It’s the support of him that does.

“Served with him, he’s a good man. This is just another conspiracy orchestrated by Obama.”

That was one of the many responses I read. It makes me start to question the sanity of people. Not just those who support Arpaio, but everyone involved. The ones who helped Arpaio, the ones who covered it up, the ones who saw no harm in it, because, after all, “they were only immigrants.”

Trump tweeted out on Friday night:

I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85 year old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He kept Arizona safe!

The word “patriot” should not be used to describe someone who is the exact opposite. Loving your country generally requires an understanding of where one came from. We are a country that is built on the back of immigrants. The very people who forged our laws from a desire to be different, a desire to live free from tyranny, were immigrants or descended from them.

To abuse human beings isn’t patriotism, Mister President. To imprison immigrants isn’t protecting our country, Mister President.

I may not be an immigrant, but I am descended from immigrants.

I come from people who worked their asses off to put me where I am today. I wouldn’t think twice about extending that same courtesy to anyone who needed it, and the fact that some people oppose immigrants only serves to reinforce the notion that some people have a short memory.

I am proud to be descended from immigrants.

We are all immigrants.


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