Introduction to our Travel Book

“How do you find cheap places to eat?”

“How do you find places to rent?”

“How do you know where to go next?”

“How can you afford to travel?”

“How can you make money while traveling?”

These are just a couple of the questions we’ve gotten since traveling, and I know for fact we’re not the only ones. Traveling on a budget, or traveling at all in some cases, can seem like a crazy form of witchcraft. So we decided to write a spellbook (I like the metaphor and I’m running with it).

When we went out to Barnes and Noble to look through their selection of travel books, I have to be honest I was pretty disappointed. And this isn’t me saying that to pitch our book, that’s me saying it from a place of genuine annoyance.

When looking through most travel books (the ones that have ‘Places to Eat’ and ‘What to Do sections) I like to find the towns I’ve been to (obviously, who doesn’t), but more specifically, I try to find the smallest towns I’ve been to. Ones that would hard for any travel guide to find restaurants in.

There are two that I usually use, the first being a tiny town called Sant’Arsenio (or a small town close by named Polla, since Sant’Arsenio is usually too small to show up even in the most well-researched of Southern Italy travel books), the second being Ohrid, North Macedonia, a fairly well-traveled vacation spot for Eastern Europeans.

Time after time I am disappointed by what I see. The ‘Where to Eat’ section of Polla is usually a small restaurant just off the highway and for Ohrid it’s usually a restaurant in the touristic area. The ‘What to Do’ section has one or two ideas, but most of them are nowhere near the town itself. (For Polla, one of the recommendations is visiting the Certosa in Padula, and for Ohrid it’s visiting St Naum, both of which are at least a forty-five minute journey.)

So this leads me to the point of our book, and many like it. How does one find the places to eat? How do you negotiate the local establishments, or ask for the interesting places to go? In our book we try and explain the methods we use to find the best possible places to eat, visit, and see.

We wrote the book from an American perspective but that should only influence certain information about visas or jobs. The rest of the information should work despite your nationality.  

I will post the book chapter by chapter, section by section, editing and reworking along the way. And this way, it’s free for anyone to read! Compared to Amazon, that is.

If you have anything to add, or if some of my information is out of date, please let me know!

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