Lost in Thought

James stared out the car window, drawing shapes on the condensation collecting inside. “Doin’ okay there, sport?” his father, in the driver’s seat next to him, asked. He liked to call James “sport” or “pal.” Even “kiddo.” It didn’t matter that James was twenty-seven and had lived alone for the better part of ten years. “Yeah, Dad. Doing okay,” James said, hovering between sarcasm and … Continue reading Lost in Thought

In the Light of the Infinite Sunset

“You’re looking for a painter? Beret and easel? How come?” Maggie asked, helping her grandmother bring in the groceries. “Your baby sister’s birthday is coming up, and since this is her first apartment, I figured it would be a nice touch,” Maggie’s grandmother, Arleen, responded as she held open the door with her foot for Maggie. “Nana. It’s going to be a den of drinking … Continue reading In the Light of the Infinite Sunset

Big (and ever-growing) list of jobs to work while abroad

If you’re on the road, or hitting it soon, you might be looking for work. Some of the jobs listed will have certain requirements, like a visa or a certification, but if you haven’t left home yet, try and get what you need! Cruise Ships If you don’t mind the fact that cruise ships are usually registered to country with little-to-no environmental regulations, and account … Continue reading Big (and ever-growing) list of jobs to work while abroad

Traveling Alone or Bringing a Partner

For the last 4-5 years, Darcy and I have been traveling together. Before this, I spent a few years traveling solo. I thought this section could be important to anyone who was going to bring a Significant Other, a friend, or a kid/parent. By and large, most people tend to travel alone, and pick up partners along the way if they’re going to the same … Continue reading Traveling Alone or Bringing a Partner

First look at Publisher Rocket for Self-Publishing

Also known as, Kindle Rocket! Two things, before we get started. First, this is going to be one of three posts over the next few months where I look into this tool, and talk about its effectiveness as we see whether or not it works. Second, all links in this post will be affiliate. I will still mention it before or after posting the link, … Continue reading First look at Publisher Rocket for Self-Publishing

Memories: where the sun sank below the waves

When I was younger, I asked my mom where the sun went when it sank. She told me that on the other side of the country there was a massive ocean. Even bigger than a pool? I had asked her. So much bigger, she told me. And blue, with waves as tall as trees. And each night, when I saw the sun get lower, it … Continue reading Memories: where the sun sank below the waves

Memories: Tricks picked up from a riverbed

Deep in the Yunnan province of western China, there is a small town next to a large ear-shaped lake. Few people live in this town. If you’re lucky, you might be able to hear them. A candy-seller pushes his cart, shouting to children who don’t come. A fresh fruit stall that only sells durian, filling the streets with a pungent odor. The town, originally built … Continue reading Memories: Tricks picked up from a riverbed

House-sitting: Packing! (The Fun Part!)

Part 5 of an ongoing series Later I will write a general packing list, but since this is a housesitting focused blog post, I’ll focus on what to bring when house sitting. For those of you who have traveled before, packing is easily the most exciting part of traveling. Partly because you have the chance to buy new gear before heading out. When I first … Continue reading House-sitting: Packing! (The Fun Part!)

Artists critiquing artists

As an artist, or writer, specifically, I’ve been critiqued. I’ve been critiqued when I ask for it, but more often, when I don’t ask for it. (Which isn’t to say, don’t give unsolicited critique, just keep doing you, but try not to critique unfinished work unless asked.) Creating anything, whether it be a painting, a book, song, dance performance, anything, is always a difficult undertaking. … Continue reading Artists critiquing artists