Short Stories

Creations rarely have a natural stopping place. There are always ways to fix, improve, futz, and finagle with any piece of art. These short stories are no different. Most I would consider ‘done’ but others might still have a final stage of metamorphosis to complete. I hope you enjoy these stories, and, of course, I welcome all comments.

Lost in Thought – A young man’s struggle to reconcile with his father.

In the Glow of the Infinite Sunset – A grandmother’s gift to her granddaughter.

By The Passage of Time – A short-short story about memories becoming memorabilia.

Memories and Snippets

Tricks Picked up from a Riverbed – A fictionalized memory of Dali, China.

Where The Sun Sank Below the Waves – A fictionalized memory of Key West, Florida and Venice, Italy.

My Falcon – A humorous take on a ‘first car.’