Since when did “Immigrant” mean “Illegal Immigrant?”

A few days ago I re-posted a painting someone did that had the words “A Nation of Immigrants” to my professional Instagram page. It’s technically correct, and not very offensive. (As a brief aside, I try to avoid anything that goes out of it’s way to offend people. Easier to make enemies, but better to make friends.)

Someone with the last name “Garcia” commented “You are illegally here. Why do you keep asking for stuff. You act so entitled.”

Allow me to break this down for a quick second.

First, she has no idea who I am. My personal and professional accounts aren’t linked. So she is assuming I’m an immigrant, and since she said “illegally here” she assumes I’m an illegal immigrant.

Second, she asks/states “Why do you keep asking for stuff.” I would like to point out the picture asks for nothing, and since this was recently after Trump’s announcement to end DACA, the only thing people were asking for was to not be dragged from their homes and sent to a country they never knew.

And of course, third, I act entitled.

So let’s find out what “entitled” means.

Entitled: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

I’m not so sure, Garcia. Let’s break it down with your assumption that I am an illegal immigrant.

Would I think I’m inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment? Or maybe, just maybe, enough movies, tv shows, songs and books make America seem like the greatest place on Earth. The amount of propaganda, of stories from uncles and aunts who had gone to America and returned with wealth, just the vast amount of information and misinformation that floods out of this country everyday. That’s why people come here. They don’t inherently think they deserve to be American, we make them think they do.

But I am American. And I’m not some entitled idiot running around talking about how America is the greatest country on Earth.

Honestly, it’s a bit shit sometimes. We elect back asswards leaders, we seem to have a collective death wish, often times the saner, smarter voices are drowned out by bloated, fear-spouting, poor excuses for journalists on TV.

I was born here, I’m a fifth-generation American. I got so god damned lucky. White, male and American? Are you serious? This is the fucking jackpot, the one that people either awkwardly avoid or criminalize. I had no choice on how I look, or where I was born.

But since I became American by luck, why shouldn’t I try and help those who want to put in the hard work?

In a world of anonymity and online personas, we would happily take the time out of our day to accuse someone of begging and entitlement, in order to degrade them. What does this say about our America?

My post was mostly an attempt to spread someone’s work, and promote the idea of love and acceptance. Someone felt the need to speak against that.

If you stand against love and acceptance, I don’t have to wonder if I’m fighting for the right side.