For What Comes Next – Short Story

I lean my head back, feeling the top of the wooden chair press into the base of my skull. It wasn’t as stifling as it had been during the day, but stickiness clung to me, leftover from a day of sweating in the heat. The cicadas don’t seem to mind the muggy evening air; encompassing me, their cacophony of buzzing, four walls of interwoven sound. … Continue reading For What Comes Next – Short Story

Lost in Thought (A Short Story)

James stared out the car window, drawing shapes on the condensation collecting inside. “Doin’ okay there, sport?” His father, in the driver’s seat next to him, asked. He liked to call James “sport” or “pal.” Even “kiddo.” It didn’t matter that James was twenty-seven and had lived alone for the better part of ten years. “Yeah, Dad. Doing okay.” James said, somewhere between sarcasm and … Continue reading Lost in Thought (A Short Story)