Change Your Travel Perspective While Adjusting To A New Normal

Chapter 4 and 5 of Don’t Go To Bruges In The Fall. Available Here! This goes for everything in life, not just traveling. A change in perspective can massively improve your situation. To give you the easiest example; I mentioned earlier that we left home with $13,800. Now? We have $400. We are vastly poorer, and traveling in Europe which is seen as one of … Continue reading Change Your Travel Perspective While Adjusting To A New Normal

Getting Started: Deciding Where to Go

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? If you’ve never traveled abroad before, especially to Europe, you probably have that top 5 list. Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Venice. Or something like that. And if you already have a list, then you don’t need this section as much. (But you still might want to read it.) When we travel anywhere, it’s usually decided for us based on … Continue reading Getting Started: Deciding Where to Go

Getting Started: Traveling with a Partner vs. Traveling Alone

[I have made a post similar to this already, but this is the more ‘polished’ version of it. Before this prospective book is self-published, I will probably edit this section into two chapters for ease of reading.] For the last 4-5 years, my partner and I have been traveling together. Before this, I spent a few years traveling solo. Because of my experience of traveling … Continue reading Getting Started: Traveling with a Partner vs. Traveling Alone

Getting Started: Vaccines

(For informative purposes, not intended to start a debate.) Although it comes up as a topic of debate in the States and parts of Europe, vaccines are crucial to traveling. From staying healthy, to actually being legally allowed to enter a country, it’s important to keep up to date with your vaccines.  (Again, since this book is European centric, I will talk mostly about what … Continue reading Getting Started: Vaccines

Getting Started: Visas

(For Americans) Visas might be the second most important item to have before you head off on your travels. As Americans, it’s easy to take this for granted. For visiting most countries, Americans benefit from ‘a-stamp-at-the-border-is-your-visa’ system. This means it’s easy to be ignorant of the visa application for certain countries, and it’s easy to overstay the visa once you have it. Visas will usually … Continue reading Getting Started: Visas

Getting Started: Passport

It goes without saying that your passport is the most important item to have with you as you travel. It’s your key to the rest of the world, and without one, you’ll get nowhere. I say this because there are Pre-9/11 stories of people being able to jump on an international flight without a passport (in certain conditions). If you’re flying domestic in the States … Continue reading Getting Started: Passport

Introduction to our Travel Book

“How do you find cheap places to eat?” “How do you find places to rent?” “How do you know where to go next?” “How can you afford to travel?” “How can you make money while traveling?” These are just a couple of the questions we’ve gotten since traveling, and I know for fact we’re not the only ones. Traveling on a budget, or traveling at … Continue reading Introduction to our Travel Book