Artists critiquing artists

As an artist, or writer, specifically, I’ve been critiqued. I’ve been critiqued when I ask for it, but more often, when I don’t ask for it. (Which isn’t to say, don’t give unsolicited critique, just keep doing you, but try not to critique unfinished work unless asked.) Creating anything, whether it be a painting, a book, song, dance performance, anything, is always a difficult undertaking. … Continue reading Artists critiquing artists

Since when did “Immigrant” mean “Illegal Immigrant?”

A few days ago I re-posted a painting someone did that had the words “A Nation of Immigrants” to my professional Instagram page. It’s technically correct, and not very offensive. (As a brief aside, I try to avoid anything that goes out of it’s way to offend people. Easier to make enemies, but better to make friends.) Someone with the last name “Garcia” commented “You … Continue reading Since when did “Immigrant” mean “Illegal Immigrant?”