Artists critiquing artists

As an artist, or writer, specifically, I’ve been critiqued. I’ve been critiqued when I ask for it, but more often, when I don’t ask for it. (Which isn’t to say, don’t give unsolicited critique, just keep doing you, but try not to critique unfinished work unless asked.) Creating anything, whether it be a painting, a book, song, dance performance, anything, is always a difficult undertaking. … Continue reading Artists critiquing artists

The uncomfortable draw of social media

Since I recently self-published a novella, I’ve had to engage in social media. At least, more than I did before. This meant getting a Twitter page, a Snapchat account, and increasing my Instagram presence. That feeling of needing to be needed is immediate. I downloaded Snapchat two nights ago, and I found hundreds of people I had lost contact with when they either closed their … Continue reading The uncomfortable draw of social media