What I learned from my first Etsy Sale

I’ve made sales before, and I’ve made Etsy sales before. But those were to family members, or friends.

In total, I’ve had about 4 Etsy shops. Each selling something different, whether it be some of the neat vintage pieces I’ve collected or paintings. At the end of the day, I couldn’t get my product in front of people. I tried promoted listings to no avail. Either my things sucked (completely reasonable) or they simply weren’t being seen.

A month ago, or so, I made a new shop. I had been playing around with a play on words for a while and made a shirt. I made the shirt on Printful, and while setting up Shipstation (the program you have to use to link up Etsy and Printful, at the time) I got an email from Printful saying they are now able to be intergrated into an Etsy shop.

Were those hymns and harps I heard?

I synced it up, added the shirts, and waited. And waited.

Nothing happened. And why would it? I showed up to fish but I expected the fish to jump into my arms, grateful to be caught.

I did what most people do and took out ads on Etsy, called “Promoted Listings.”

A week later I had my first sale. 10:40am I get the email saying someone’s purchased was approved.

It was a measly $15, but dammit, it was $15 I spent hours trying to earn. Elated, I ran through the house shouting and hollering.

There’s a sense of relief when you sell something. I didn’t know that. I assumed it would be all very English. “Very good, very good. Yes, money to me, shirt to you. Yes, yes.” But I was relieved! Excited!

Someone saw something I made and said “Yo, that looks pretty dope. I’ll buy it.” (Maybe it was more of an “Oh. Neat.”) Either way, that was it! The first step to success!

The next day I was a bit more depressed. The orders didn’t come flooding in all of the sudden. The amount spent on promoted listings tipped above the amount of revenue I made.

This was an addiction, wasn’t it? Sure, I wasn’t physically taking anything, but I was addicted. I wanted people to like what I made. I spent time and energy, and I wanted to be rewarded by people’s adoration.

On a miniscule level, I understood Youtubers. That need to be seen, to be heard, to have their voice be the one that stands out in a sea of billions.

That got me down a bit more.

Just as I started to come to terms with the idea of addiction, I got another e-mail.

Order approved for Matthe…